One Day

me, google

Hello dear readers! Today I had a natural science test, and it actually went really well to my surprise! Or I don't know yet, but I've got a good feeling! :) Right after school me and a friend (who's name also is Emma) went to do a little shopping. I'll show you later what I got, just I ordinary gray sweater nothing fancy.... Always good to have! Last Saturday me and Emma went to see the movie One Day, well... I cried. It was really good! So now I'm hoping the book will be at least as good as the movie! I just started reading but I've got a good feeling about it... too!

Hope ya all had a great weekend (a little late to say that now) and Tuesday!

T-shirt -hm, skirt -gina tricot, vest -L'art, shoes -primeboots, belt -ilse jacobsen, necklace -NK (swedish mall)