Almost all the guys in my class playing floor ball and.... We won the whole cup!
Baking bagels with some friends
Just dip dyed my hair turquoise... looks black here though
The family wall in my kitchen: Mum, dad, brother and me
My cute friend Emma eating yummie breakfast
Almost the whole gang... Alba is taking the picture
Me on my way to a party
New nail polish... love!
On my way to school

The new nail polish is on together with new clean converse!
Taking a walk in the sun with my dog
James Lafferty from One Tree Hill.... looking good!
Old outfit photo from last year
Cute dog wondering why I'm taking a picture of her :)
My new loafers

Ok, so that was a bit of a photo marathon! I just thought I could be fun to share some Instagram photos for a change!

Have a nice day!