Good morning! I hope you all slept like a queen! I know I did, came home at ten and went straight to bed. I think this Hyper Island is starting to get the best of me. Last night my class was left alone with an envelope from from our "teachers". In the envelope was two balloons and 800kr, with a note that said: Create a dinner party for all of us, 48 people. And there had to be an entertainment going on, music and decoration. We had 1 and half hour the get it done. And an other little detail... we were not allowed to cook inside. Let me ay that I was really skeptical, and tired. haha But when we were done everyone got so happy and it was great fun! Still can't believe we managed to get food for 48 people with only 800kr, and there were a lot of allergies to take in consideration. Proud of us! I was in the food-team, but seriously, all the groups did such a great job!

Some snapshots from my outfit yesterday. Joseph is on Way out west so I have no one taking outfit photos now! haha