Best of & Other Stories - Shoes

Good day you all! I got a question yesterday that really got me thinking. "If you only could choose one brand to shop from, for the rest of your life, which would it be?" That isn't the easiest question. I'm not the most loyal customer, haha I buy stuff from a lot of different brands. But as I started thinking, I realised that I ALWAYS find stuff I want to buy at & Other Stories. Of course I could think of quite a few brands where I would want to buy everything... but it's also about being able to buy it. Even if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to by all my clothes from Isabel Marant, just to mention one. Sooo... & Other stories is the brand I would choose. I would rock their clothes day as night and being super happy about it! haha

So I thought I would do a "Best of" from & Other stories. But since they have sooooo much nice stuff I'll have to divide it into at least two posts. I'll start with the shoes. If I could, I would buy every single pair of these, trust me. Hey, & Other Stories, pls sponsor me! haha :)

Yum, these ones are so classic but yet with a twist, the pointy toe. I love that. Classic with a twist is my thing.

These ones I love because they are so minimalistic, but stil they differ from a classic shoe with the covered heel. The heel doesn't look like a separate part, like it often does. This shoe looks like one piece, heel and everything.

If I wanted to spice things up I would wear these. Not only because metallic is an essential trend this autumn, but because they are just so funky and as I've said before: I need some head-turning pieces in my wardrobe, to be fully satisfied.

These ones's rocking this heel thing too. I don't feel the need to explain why I love these. Just look at them and start fantasise about all the cool outfits these would bring to your life!

For me this short, little heel symbolises attitude. You have to have an attitude to be able to rock these in an appropriate way. This to not look like an old lady who came to the wrong party. haha Rock and glam are the words for this pair.

A pair of funky sneakers never goes wrong. Never.