Arty Arty

One of my friends, Laura, had an exhibition with her school at the swedish museum Moderna recently. It was so cool to se her work there, she is so talented! On the premiere I went there with my friend Saga, and after the museum tour we went to celebrate Laura at a really nice restaurant/ bar in the trendy mall MOOD. And at this restaurant the DJ was playing this really good remix of a Lana Del Ray song! Look it up! The day after Saga and I had a super fab brunch! nom nom! And I got a late birthday present from these two precious girls... An Instagram-pillow! Such a personal and funny present! We three girls call ourselves "The Babes af Mallis", haha, cuz we all lived or live on Mallorca! The silver balloon is from the opening of the Stella McCartney store here in Stockholm. Fancy!